Indoor Forcing Bulbs

A great way to bring colour to your world this spring is with forcing bulbs. Our prepared bulbs make the job easy to be successful. Most bulbs require some weeks in a cool place to fool them into thinking winter has already happened and spring is on its way and it is time to bloom. 
But with our prepared bulbs the chilling time has already been done. Simply place the bulb in soil mix or on a hyacinth glass and you will see the start of growth soon. 

Jan Bos Hyacinth is a bright pink to cheer any winter day. Three in a package to plant one now and save the others in a refrigerated spot or plant all three at once!   3 bulbs/ $4.99

Paperwhites : Available in a kit with all the necessary ingredients, Paperwhites are an easy to grow bulb that adds a note cheerfulness to indoors in winter.

Amaryliss: Prepared bulbs are in stock in kit form with all necessary ingredients to create a mid-winter wonder!

Tulips: Tulips are great for indoor forcing. Save bulbs in the fridge for the winter and plant in a pot of soil in the house in winter, they will give a blush of welcome colour in early spring.  Continues to grow as a houseplant for spring and plant out in the garden bed when planting annuals for blooms in the garden the next spring.