Summer is coming! With the warmer days and nights perennials and bulbs are starting to poke their heads out of the ground. We have a ton of bunnies in our yard this spring and they are starting to munch tiny grass shoots that are emerging. (Hopefully they will move into the woods when it is time to plant flowers outside! We can hope, can't we?) They are cute though!

     There is lots that can be done to gardens and flower beds now that the frost is out of them. Spring is a great time of year to dig, add compost or manure and pull out weed roots. We have Mushroom manure, Sheep manure, Bison manure, fertilizers, bone meal, all perfect for early spring amendments and easy to use.

      This is also an excellent time of year to plant trees and care for ones already planted. We have Dormant Oil kits to help you keep your trees and shrubs healthy. We have  a good selection of fruit trees, shade trees and shrubs to choose from in the tree yard.

     Inside the greenhouse we are busy growing little plants into big ones, the sun is shining and flowers blooming. Come drop by for a visit and watch the plants grow. 


Take care,

Allan & Karen

Sabados Greenhouse

    20003  Road 108 North,

 Lundar, Manitoba 

R0C 1Y0

 From Hwy. 6  turn east on P.R. 229 (also called Road 108 North) for 6 km. 


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