Evergreen Trees


  • Black Hills White Spruce - Prairie hardy spruce growing to  a height of 35-45 feet. Dark green foliage that is hardy to zone 2.
  • Baby Blue Spruce - A pyramidal shaped blue spruce. Fuller shape than Colorado Spruce. Grows 35 or more feet tall and 25 feet wide. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Crystal Blue Spruce - Selected in Manitoba from the Colorado Blue Spruce growing here. Has improved cold hardiness and  superior blue colour. Grows 30' tall and 16' wide.sold out
  • Meyer's Blue Spruce - Blue-green tree that is tolerant of varying soil conditions and moisture levels. Good resistance to winter wind burn. Grows 30 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Hardy to zone 3. sold out
  • Select Blue Colorado Spruce - A beautiful prairie hardy spruce with silver blue needles. Growing to a height of 50 -65 feet. Hardy to zone 2.


  • Scots Pine - A fast growing conifer reaching a height of 45-60 feet. Tolerant of dry soil conditions, this green needled tree is hardy to zone 2. sold out


  • Siberian Larch (Tamarack) - Tolerant of moist areas this soft needled tree grows to a height of 50- 70 feet. It is a deciduous conifer, which means that though it grows cones , it also loses it needles every fall and grows new ones next spring. A beautiful bright orange colour in the fall this tree is hardy to zone 2.

Evergreen Shrubs


  • Blue Forest - Upright reaching branches in a blue-green colour growing 12 inches tall. Spreading 3-5 feet across. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Blue Prince -  Powder blue foliage that grows to only 6" in height but spreads 4 feet. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Hughes Juniper - Silver -blue foliage growing 12-15 inches tall. Spreading 3-5 feet across. Hardy to zone 2. sold out
  • Medora Juniper  An upright juniper growing to a height of 10-12 feet tall and only 3-4 feet wide. A tree with feathery soft blue-green foliage that is resistant to winter wind burn.  Hardy to zone 2. 
  • Wichita Blue Juniper -Silver blue foliage in a broad pyramidal shape. Resistant to winter wind burn. Grows 10-12 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide. Hardy to zone 3. sold out
  •  Cedar
  • Holmstrup - A 10- 15 foot tall pyramidal shaped cedar that grows only4-5 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. Prefers light shade and is hardy to zone 3. sold out
  • Little Giant -  A dwarf globe shaped cedar growing only 2.5 feet tall and wide. A great accent plant. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Skybound - Grows 10- 18 feet tall with rich dark green foliage. Improved winter hardiness. Zone 3. sold out
  • Woodward- A larger round cedar growing to 5 feet. hardy to zone 3.