Yard and Home Plant Care Essentials Available In-store at Sabados Greenhouse

Bulb Planter- Adjustable bulb planter   $7.99 each

Burlap Rolls- A good all purpose wrap for getting plants ready for those cold winter winds that are coming!   Roll 40" x 30' - $15.99

Tree Guards- Spiral Tree Guards help protect young trees from rabbits, rodents and helps protect from sunscald. Also helps protect from whipper snipper or lawn mower damage during summer.
      Pkg of 4 tree guards- $7.99

Anvil Pruner - A medium size anvil  pruner  by Garant for trim and clean-up jobs.   $11.99 each

Folding Branch Saw - High carbon steel folding saw by Bond tools to cut away  branches . High carbon tool steel, heat treated, stays sharper, longer and folds tidily into the handle for safe storage and carrying.    $24.99 each

Premium Soaker Hose - 25 foot soaker hose to gently water flower beds, vegetable gardens or trees and shrubs.  $28.49 each

Organic Bone Meal- Organic bone meal by Miracle-Gro, ideal for bulbs roses and flowering shrubs.  3lb. bag for $7.99

African Violet and Tropicals Soil Mix - Formulated to support tropical and foliage plants to help your jungalo grow happy!  8.8 litre bag for $5.99

Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix- Formulated for succulents and cacti for best drainage and low fertilizer requirements. Start your succulent garden out on the right foot!  8.8 litre for $5.99/bag

Orchid Soil Mix- Specially formulated to keep orchids happy. 8.8 litre for $9.99/bag

Perlite- Used to create more drainage in soil mixes or to start plants. 8.8 litre for $6.99/bag

Vermiculite- Holds moisture in soil mix to create a moister environment for specialty plants. Can also be used to start plants. 9 litre for $9.99/bag

Potting Soil Mix- General all purpose soil mix for outdoor or indoor plants. 
                                  20 litre bag - $4.99/bag
                                  40 litre bag - $8.79/bag

Schultz Liquid Plant Foods:
Schultz liquid plant foods are very easy to use and grow great plants. Formulated in a concentrate, taking only 7 drops of liquid to fertilize one litre of water. Comes with a handy dropper in the lid. 

Cactus Plant Food - Liquid concentrated fertilizer for cactuses and succulents. 138 grams - $4.99
Orchid Plant Food - Liquid concentrated fertilizer for orchids. 150 grams - $5.99
General Purpose - Liquid concentrated fertilizer for tropical, foliage plants and generally most houseplants. 150 grams - 5.99

Stim Root - A plant rooting powder for starting plants.  0.4% concentration- "#2"  
25 grams - $4.29

Diatomaceous Earth - This is a natural problem solver for a wide range of garden problems. It is made of ground diatoms (tiny sea critters that lived eons ago) that scratch soft bodied bugs when they crawl through it or ingest it while eating your beautiful plants.

Dusted on plants it will kill a variety of unwanted pests and is harmless to mammals and birds.

Green Earth Bordo Copper Spray- Controls blights, leaf spots, mildews and moulds.                      200 gr for $14.99

Green Earth Garden Sulphur - Controls powdery mildew, rusts, black spot, scab, black knot disease and certain mites.    300 gr for $6.99

Plant Prod Iron Chelate 7% - Used to correct or prevent chlorosis in plants indoors and out. Chlorosis shows up as yellowing of the leaves between the veins. The plant will grow slowly and if left unchecked the leaf may die, weakening the plant. Chlorosis can be caused by alkaline soils or heavy soil mixes as well as overwatering but is easily corrected with an application of iron chelate.   350gr for $ 9.99 each

Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Tester - A quick look at your soil quality the Rapitest Soil Tester kit checks for PH, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash levels. Kit $7.99

Grotek Tomato Clips- Plants need tying up?  These handy re-usable clips make the job easy! Easily click on around the branch and the support and can be used over many times.                    100 clips for $3.99

Safer's Insecticidal Soap Concentrate- This is a solution for a variety of unwanted pests. It contains Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids that work by clogging insects breathing pores. 1 litre for $9.99

Safer's End-All - A miticide and insecticide that controls all stages of aphids, whitefly, scale, spider mites, mealy bugs, beetles, and other assorted undesirables. Contains potassium of fatty acids and pyrethrins.   500ml for $14.49

Safer's Trounce Ready-To-Use spray bottle - For use indoors  on houseplants, kills aphids, whiteflies and spider mites.  550ml for $6.99

Chemfree's Insectgone Ant Killer - Squeeze bottle of dust for direct use on ants, indoors or outside. It contains diatomaceous earth and remains effective for as long as the diatomaceous earth is there. When the ants crawl it away or rain washes it off, re-apply the dust. 200g for $7.99

All products available in store.