Happy hanging out at the greenhouse! 

Right back at you Mother Nature!      

We use biodegradable containers as much as we can. Made out of wheat straw, paper or coir, when you are finished with the container, simply put them in your compost pile and let mother nature make them back into soil. Our soil mix is a peat and coir blend.  Coir is hyper-renewable and bio-degradable. 


Not letting anything bug us!

We use biological controls in the greenhouse like ladybugs and rove beetles to control pests. These efficient little predators go where ever they are needed to keep the plants clean and sparkling! They work endlessly to inspect every petal and leaf all day long. And they will do this in your garden when they go home with your plants!


  Committed to a sustainable environment in every aspect of our greenhouse.
     Through the use of biological pest controls, compostable pots, recyclable pots and organic fertilizers, we are working to make our greenhouse a "green" house. 


    Saving some energy for later!

We have installed solar hot water panels to provide some of our space heating in the greenhouse and solar photovoltaic panels for part of our electricity needs. We have also replaced most of our oil burning furnaces with wood pellet furnaces. These efficient appliances burn pellets made of saw dust that  is normally wasted in manufacturing or the forestry industry. 

      We are continuing to make positive changes to our growing practices to grow the most ecologically friendly plants possible, while maintaining the highest standards of plant quality.