Ornamental Shrubs

If there is something specific you are looking for, please give us a call as not everything may be in stock at any one time.

Barberry-Rose Glow  Grows to 2 feet tall with variegated foliage in pink and cherry. Zone 3

 Cherry Bomb - Grows to 3 feet tall with bright red foliage. Lovely as either a specimen or used as hedging.  Hardy to zone 3.

Ruby Carousel-


Alpine Currant 'Schmidt" - A shrub growing to 5 feet tall with  bright green, lobed leaves . Makes a great hedge with a tidy shape. hardy too zone 2.

Burning Bush

  • Dwarf  Winged Burning Bush - A dwarf variety growing dark green foliage in the summer, turning to bright red in the fall. Adorned with red berries in fall. Grows to a height of 3 feet. Hardy to zone 3.


  • Common caragana - Makes a great hedge or shelterbelt. Grows to 15 feet tall 8 feet wide. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Globe Caragana - Grows to 2-3 feet tall with dense green foliage and yellow flowers. Can be used as a specimen planting or a short hedge. Plant in sun or partial shade. Hardy to zone 2.

Cotoneaster -  Dark green leaves and a glossy appearance on a shrub that grows to 6 feet tall. Can be sheared for use in a hedge. Foliage turns a dark red in the fall. Hardy to zone 2. 


  • Ivory Halo  - A variegated  leaf of green  edged in white this shrub grows 4- 5 feet tall. Grow in sun to shade.Hardy to zone 3.


  • Northern Gold - The earliest blooming shrub for our area, this puts on a display of yellow blossoms in early spring before its foliage. Grows 6-8 feet tall . Hardy to zone 3.


  • Miniglobe  Grows- 3-4 feet tall , makes a great low shrub border or accent shrub. Hardy to zone 3.


  Plant in sun or shade.

  • Firelight - Blooms start off white and turn to a burgundy red colour as they mature. Shrub grows to 4-5 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide. Hardy to zone 3. Plant in sun or shade.
  • Diamond Rouge-
  • Limelight - Blooms lime-green flowers in late summer. Grows to a height of 5-6 feet. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Incrediball -  Huge white blossoms on a shrub growing to a height of 3-4 feet. Hardy to zone 3. 
  • Annabelle -Beautiful white blooms on a shrub growing to 3-4 feet. tolerant of shade. Hardy to zone 3.

American Lilacs 

  • Pocohontas - Deep violet blooms on a 10 foot shrub. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Mount Baker

French Lilacs

  • Beauty of  Moscow - Light pink, double flowers mature to white. Grows to 8 feet. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Common - Purple blooms on a vigorous growing 10 foot tall shrub. Hardy to zone 2
  • Charles Joly - Double red blooms on a shrub growing to 8 feet tall. Hardy to zone 2
  • Mme. Lemoine - Double white blooms on a shrub growing to 10 feet. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Ludwig Spaeth-
  • Paul Thirion - Red-pink buds open to a lilac-purple colour.  Grows to 8 feet with a 5-6 foot spread. Hardy to zone 3.
  • President Grevy - Double lilac blue blossoms on a shrub growing to 9 feet. Hardy to zone 3.
  • President Lincoln - True blue coloured blossoms on a shrub growing 8-10 feet tall. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Sensation -  Bi-colour  blooms are deep purple with each floret edged in striking white on a shrub growing to 10-12 feet.  Hardy to zone 2.
  • Wonderblue-

Preston Lilacs

  • Coral - Clear pink blooms on a 8-10 foot shrub. Does not sucker. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Donald Wyman-
  • Pinktini-
  • Miss Canada-
  • Royalty - Royal purple flowers on a shrub growing to 9 feet. Does not sucker.  Hardy to zone 2.

Other Lilacs

  • Villosa - A June blooming lilac that is not as heavily scented as French types. Great as a specimen or hedge growing to 12 feet tall. Does not sucker. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Bloomerang Lilac-


Grow in full sun to light shade.

  • Blizzard - A mass of beautifully scented white flowers in June. Growing to a height of 4-5 feet this shrub is hardy to zone 2.

Ninebark - Physocarpus

     Beautiful shrubs that are very useful in the landscape for their intriguing colours and reliable growing habits.

  • Amber Jubilee - Growing 5-6 feet at maturity, this orange leafed  ninebark makes an outstanding shrub feature in the landscape. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Royal Jubilee-
  • Centre Glow - Foliage emerges golden-chartreuse and changes to burgundy with time. grows 5-6 feet tall. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Ginger Wine-
  • Sweet Cherry Tea-
  • Coppertina -Foliage is a coppery red colour. Grows 5-36 feet tall. Hardy to zone 3
  • Summer Wine - Growing to 4-5 feet tall , a mid-sized shrub with dark purple-red foliage. Blooms pink-white blossoms in June.Hardy to zone 3.
  • Diablo - The tallest of these three purple leafed shrubs, Diablo grows to a mature height of 5-6 feet.Blooms in pink-white blossoms in June. Hardy to zone 3.


  • Goldfinger  - Growing 3-4 feet tall with large yellow blooms, this landscape favourite is well worth planting. Hardy to zone 2. 
  • Gold Star - Grows 1-2 feet tall with large golden-yellow blooms. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Marmalade-Long blooming potentilla with orange blossoms. Grows to 3 feet tall with a 3 foot spread.  Hardy to zone 2.
  • Abbotswood - White blossoms on green foliage. Grows 2-3 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. Hardy to zone 2. 
  • Pink Beauty - Growing to 3 feet tall with pink blooms. Hardy to zone 2.

Prunus, Double Flowering Plum

  • Beautiful double pink blossoms blooming in spring. Grows 6-8 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide. Hardy to zone 2.


  • Campfire  - A new rose  in the Canadian Artist series, this tri- coloured rose grows 3 feet tall. Has blossoms that are purple-red, white and yellow. Hardy to zone 3. 
  • Felix Leclerc-
  • Hansa - Medium red, fragrant blooms on a hardy 3 foot shrub. hardy to zone 2.
  • John Cabot - A climbing rose with medium red flowers blooming in th eearly part of summer. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Morden Blush-
  • Morden Fireglow - Bright orange-red flowers adorn this in the Parkland Series of roses. Growing to 2-3 feet tall. Hardy to zone 2. 
  • Never Alone  - A new release from the Morden Research Station. Two tone blossoms are striking in deep red edges and white centres. This rose raises funds for the Never Alone Foundation. The Never Alone Foundation is committed to helping people who are coping with cancer. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Winnipeg Parks  - Beautiful, scented red flowers on this Parkland rose.  Growing 2 feet tall, it continues to bloom throughout the season. Hardy to zone 2. 

Salix- Willow
  • Iceberg Alley - Silvery-white foliage on a compact shrub of 3 feet. This is a native, hardy species that hails from Newfoundland/Labrador. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Flame Willow-

Sea Buckthorn - Silvery foliage with thorns (lot's!)  on a shrub that grows to 6 feet. Yellow flowers produce an abundance of orange fruit  which is ready in the fall and is excellent for jams and jellies. A male (Pollmix) and female (Askola) shrub are both required to set fruit.  

  • Pollmix - Male pollinator. Grows to 6 feet tall. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Askola - Female shrub that produces fruit. Grows to 6 feet tall.  Hardy to zone 2.


  • Goldmound - A dwarf spirea growing to only 18-24 inches tall. Golden foliage is a feature all summer with light pink blooms appearing in mid-summer. hardy to zone 3. 
  • Magic Carpet  Grows 18 inches tall and 2 feet wide. New foliage emerges red coloured, set against a background of older light green foliage. A striking small shrub. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Gold flame- Foliage leafs out to red tinged hues that turn bright yellow by mid-summer. Then bright red again in the fall. Grows to 2-3 feet tall.  hardy to zone 3. 
  • Bridal Wreath - Long, arching sprays of white blooms dominate this shrub in spring. Simply gorgeous! Grows 5-6 feet tall. Hardy to zone 3. 
  • Three Lobed Spirea-


  • Sem False Spirea - Grows 3-4 feet tall with unique foliage colours. New foliage emerges with a pink-red tinge turning to a light green in summer. This attractive dependable shrub blooms with white plumes in summer. Hardy to zone 3.



  • Snowball  - Growing to 8-10 feet this sterile viburnum blooms in large balls of white , double blossoms. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Bailey Compact American  - Growing to only 3.5 feet this small cranberry is great for an accent plant or low hedge. Turns a beautiful shade of red in the fall. Hardy to zone 2. 
  • European Cranberry-
  • Hahs Cranberry - A compact viburnum growing to 6 feet. Leaves emerge a coppery colour changing to deep green in summer and back to deep red in the fall. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Lil' Ditty Witherod Viburnum-
  • High Bush Cranberry-

Evergreen Shrubs

Dwarf Balsam Fir - Dark green needles on a  mounded shrub growing only 2 feet tall. Hardy to zone 2. 


  • Blue Forest - Upright reaching branches in a blue-green colour growing 12 inches tall. Spreading 3-5 feet across. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Blue Prince - Powder-blue foliage growing on a shrub that only grows 6 inches tall but has a 4 foot spread. Great groundcover for sun or shady areas.Hardy to zone 3.
  • Hughes Juniper - Silver -blue foliage growing 12-15 inches tall. Spreading 3-5 feet across. Hardy to zone 2. 
  • Icee Blue-
  • Medora Juniper  An upright juniper growing to a height of 10-12 feet tall and only 3-4 feet wide. Blue-green foliage that is winter hardy to zone 2. 

Thuga - Cedar

Can be grown in full sun or partial shade.

  • Little Giant - This diminutive shrub grows only 2.5 feet tall with soft, feathery, green foliage. Great as a specimen or a foundation planting Hardy to zone 3.
  •  Skybound Cedar -Improved winter hardiness over Brandon, this shrub with dark green foliage grows in a pyramidal form to 10-18 feet tall. Hardy to zone 2.
  • Woodward - Grows to 5 feet in a large round ball.  Good for specimen, foundation or privacy planting.Hardy to zone 3. 


  • White Snowberry-

  • Red Prince -Deep red, tubular blooms on a shrub thst grows to 3 feet tall. Hardy to zone 3.
  • Tango - Foliage is a purple hue to the green leaves giving this shrub added interest on the pink tubular flowers. Grows to 2-3 feet tall. Hardy to zone. 
  • Rumba-

Northern Gold Forsythia

Snowbelle Mockorange

(Oh my, that's pretty!)

Dart's Gold Ninebark

Double Flowering Plum

Goldmound Spirea

Little Giant Cedar

Blue Forest Juniper