There is nothing like those first few cucumbers of summer. Fresh and fragrant, crisp and juicy, oh boy! These are the varieties we will be growing at the greenhouse this year (and probably a few more!):


  • Burpless 26 - A "burpless" vining slicer with 9 inch fruit. Available in 4" biodegradable containers. Approximately 60 days to maturity.
  • Calypso - Pickling or slicing cucumber with 3-7" long fruit. 52 days to maturity
  • Corentine - Pickling  cucumber with dark green , 4-5" long fruit. Disease resistant plants are very productive. 45 days to maturity.
  • Cool Breeze
  • Cucamelon -  A small Mexican cucumber that has a fresh taste. Excellent used fresh or pickled.
  • Marketmore 76 - A vining , productive variety that produces dark green, slender fruit that can be used for either fresh eating or pickling. Available in packs of 6 plants and 4" pots.   65 days to maturity.
  • National or Chicago Pickling - An old prairie favourite. A vining, vigorous garden mainstay.  Produces short , pickling cukes that are also great for eating fresh. Available in packs of 6 or 4" pots 55 days to maturity.
  • Patio Snacker - Short vined variety with full sized cucumbers! Delicious!
  • Straight Eight - An old prairie favourite. Productive, vigorous vines produce dark green fruit. Available in packs of six or 4" pots. 65 days to maturity.